Hard Cheese


Renowned for its excellent grating characteristics and very strong flavour. It has a relatively long shelf life. Parmesan needs to age up to 18 months to guarantee a bold flavour. For a stronger flavour it needs to age for up to 30 months to guarantee a full bitey taste which will compliment any meal.

Excellent as an accompaniment to soups, sauces, pasta, risottos, salads, meat dishes or crumbed coatings.

Cheese Description: Hard Cheese
Ingredients: Cows whole milk, cultures, microbial (non animal) rennet, salt
Texture: Hard, yellow rind, crumbly when matured
Shelf life: 3 years
Packaging: Vacuum sealed to customer size requirements
Storage: Store below 5°C
Allergens: No nut products kept on premises, and no known allergens

Product of Australia

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Ave Qty per 25g serve Ave Qty per 100g
Energy 414.8kj         1659 kj
Protein      9.3g  37.0g
Fat- total      6.7g  26.7g
     – saturated      4.0g  16.0g
Carbohydrate – total       <1g    2.5g
                       – sugars       <1g     <1g
Moisture      7.0g   27.8g
Sodium  225mg 900mg