Stretch Curd


A well known cheese made famous by its stretching qualities when melted.
It has a sweet mild taste, and a smooth soft body.

Mainly used in cooked dishes such as pizza or pasta, but can be eaten in raw salads or just pan fried.

Cheese Description: Stretch Curd
Ingredients: Cows whole milk, cultures, microbial (non animal) rennet, salt
Texture: Soft white, pliable, stretchy
Shelf life: 24 days
Packaging: 250g balls vacuum sealed, or in brine 1kg, 3kg, 20kg
Storage: Store below 5°C
Allergens:No nut products kept on premises, and no known allergens

Product of Australia

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Ave Qty per 25g serve Ave Qty per 100g
Energy 247.3kj 989 kj
Protein      5.3g  21.2g
Fat- total      4.1g  16.3g
     – saturated      2.7g  10.7g
Carbohydrate – total      0.4g    1.5g
                       – sugars       <1g     <1g
Moisture    14.7g   58.7g
Sodium 67.5mg 270mg